VueLock® Anterior Cervical Plate System
VueLock® Anterior Cervical Plate System

One step locking mechanism featuring a pre-attached expansive ring design that eliminates the need for additional locking components.

Low profile plate minimizes interference with anatomical soft tissue structures.

Unique, open design allows for intra-op visualization of the bone consolidation on an A-P x-ray. graft and end plates—as well as post-op visualization of the bone graft

Variable Angle Screw Placement allows for 20° of screw angulation.

Self-tapping bone screws eliminate the need for preliminary tapping. Available in 2 different diameters and 3 various lengths.

Semi-constrained system accommodates for graft settling and increased load sharing.

Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) provides excellent enhanced biomechanical performance and excellent imaging compatibility.

Minimal Instrumentation: Ergonomically designed instruments for simplified implantation.

Pre-contoured plates virtually eliminate the need for manual bending. Available in lengths from 12 mm – 92 mm.

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