SpinalPak® II Spine Fusion Stimulator
SpinalPak® II Spine Fusion Stimulator

Designed to Improve Your Patient's Compliance

• Lightest weight noninvasive system

• Still less than an ounce at the fusion site and less than 4 ounces overall

• Unobtrusive treatment enhances patient comfort with ergonomic shape

• LCD display indicates the patient is receiving treatment at the fusion site

• New rechargeable batteries (2) and battery charger included for even easier uninterrupted treatment

• Compliance monitor available for the actual treatment time received by the patient


A Proven Record of Success

• Stringent success criteria: combined clinical and radiographic

• Statistically significant results with and without spinal fixation


Biomet Supports You with Trained Surgical Consultants

• Board certified orthopaedic and neurosurgical surgeons

• Fully trained field representatives

• Reimbursement staff for insurance pre-certification